Mr Toad

ToadBig drama this weekend when we had to rescue a toad in the garden. That was the plus side, the down side was that it was ourselves we were rescuing him from! In a rare burst of activity, the other half decided to tidy away the garden furniture, which we’d left out in the pouring rain as usual. He moved the table to find this toad had been happily minding his own business beneath it. At first we feared the worst that we’d squashed him, as he lay there playing dead (who knew toads were such good actors). Thankfully he then revived a bit and we stopped our guilt-ridden wailing.  Fearing that he might have internal injuries though, the other half spent the next half hour constructing a vivarium to keep him in overnight – complete with buffet of freshly dug up worms. Fortunately the morning check revealed a perfectly healthy, if slightly annoyed toad, keen to return to the wild. So to the sounds of “Born Free” we let him go back into the garden wilderness. Live long and prosper Mr Toad!

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