Hello Sparrowhawk, Goodbye Sparrow

Well I wasn’t expecting this when I looked up from the sofa this afternoon – a sparrowhawk just outside the patio doors staring me right in the face. I don’t suppose the poor wee sparrow had been expecting it either and probably wasn’t quite as thrilled by the whole thing as I was. The sparrowhawk must have caught the sparrow in mid-air and landed with it on our stone bench (complete with feature ashtray – nice!) only about 2 feet from the door. It stood there seemingly pondering what to do next, while I yelled for the other half to go get the camera. We never thought it would stay still long enough to actually get a photo, but it must have been in a photogenic mood – even turning his head so we got his best side. We’ve been feeding the sparrows for years and get lots in the garden, so I do feel a bit sad for the little victim, but that’s food chains for you!

Sparrowhawk 5 Sparrowhawk 4 Sparrowhawk 3 Sparrowhawk 2

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