The best beloved (husband Chris) and I (Nicky) live in an ordinary house with an ordinary garden somewhere in The Shire. We have always been proactively organic with the gardening and inactively lazy with the weeding. The result is a garden not only full of weeds, but full of a diverse and fascinating (to us at least) array of wildlife. We’re not talking Golden Eagles and roaming deer; but birds and bees, moths and butterflies, beetles and frogs and much more besides.

To us the garden is our own little nature reserve – our long suffering neighbours may view it with less enthusiasm, but I hope they forgive us.

Anyway we thought others might be interested to see what you can find in a regular garden if you give wildlife half a chance – hence the Too Lazy To Weed blog.

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  1. Found your wonderful photos this morning, we live south of Hereford and discovered an unusual caterpillar when pruning our rambling roses earlier this week. We believe it to be a Tussock, but our caterpillar has pink/red hairs. Despite lots of searching on the web, we can’t find one with pink/red hairs. It would be lovely to know what we’ve found in our garden and very happy to send you a photo to help you identify it. Many thanks, Gordon and Alison Reid

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