Hello world!

Too Lazy To Weed is alive!!!

Finally got around to starting the blog to share the wildlife we find in our garden. Of course if I’d been organised, I’d have started this at New Year or the mid-summer solstice or some other vaguely notable date. Instead I’ve started on a wet Monday in mid July when nothing particularly special is happening in the garden. But then that’s the thing – there is actually stuff going on in the garden ALL the time; you just need to look for it. There are insects and birds and hedgehogs all doing their thing, getting on with their lives whether you watch them or not. And the beauty of watching the wildlife in your own garden is that you can do it all from a deckchair with a glass of wine in your hand (or maybe that’s just me?) – no need for fancy equipment or expensive expeditions (apart from the odd trip to the shops if you run out of said wine).

So if anyone other than me and my long-suffering family ever read this, I hope they enjoy the photos and my rambling thoughts on life in a scruffy little organic garden.

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