Simply Beautiful Bluebells

This post is going to be big on photos and for once not much rambling on from me – when you’ve got bluebells this beautiful, there’s really no need to say very much.  I went for a walk this week on the Malvern Hills to see the bluebells, which are approaching their peak right now. They grow all over the hills, but there is one area where they have really formed a beautiful dense blue carpet. They were, as always, simply stunning.

Bluebells on Malvern 4

Bluebells on Malvern 5

Bluebells on Malvern 3

Bluebells on Malvern 2

Bluebells on Malvern

Bluebells on Malvern 6

We went to the same spot last year too. We were a few days later in May and I think the bluebell show then was possibly even more spectacular, so I’ve included a couple of photos below from 2015.

Bluebells 2015

Bluebells 2015 2

We are so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world.

2 thoughts on “Simply Beautiful Bluebells

    • Hi Pam. It’s at the side of Jubilee Drive. If you turn onto Jubilee Drive from the A449 (the junction at the Malvern Hills Hotel), it’s on the right hand side probably only about 1/2 mile along (if you get to the Kettle Sings Café you’ve gone too far I think). I just took a drive by there yesterday, but it is still a bit early, I think they will be another couple of weeks yet. Hope this helps. Nicky


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